Bodyguard Training – How to Ever become a Bodyguard

Bodyguard Training – How to Ever become a Bodyguard

Bodyguards are highly trained individuals who defend their clients from bodily harm, kidnapping, assassination, assault, harassment, stalking, or embarrassment. Celebrities, politicians, government officials, and rich families are their core clients – persons who may be targets of assault or harassment. Until the mid-twentieth century, the services of the Body Guard were limited to the defences, as personnel from these forces were involved in providing personal security likeĀ close protection bodyguard to state heads such as Prime Ministers and Presidents, as well as a few important government and defence personnel.

However, with escalating political upheaval, increased violence throughout the world and the formation of organised criminal and terrorist groups, more individuals are hiring bodyguards to protect themselves and their family from being abducted and attacked. As a result of the rising requirement for protection in all situations, the number of bodyguard positions has expanded.

Professional bodyguards, sometimes known as close protection officers, may handle machine guns, drive evasively in armoured automobiles, or employ martial arts talents to repel four to six bad elements at once. They are strong monitors of security concerns because to their superb hearing and vision. They are often physically healthy and powerful. Bodyguards identify threats and deal with them as needed.

The title and responsibilities of a bodyguard may change on a regular basis. They might work as a personal assistant and driver. The role is to execute what the client asks, to maintain secrecy and discretion, and to provide protection. The close protection bodyguard training courses teach them close protection, anti-terrorism methods, first aid, risk assessment, weapons disarmament, unarmed fighting, counter surveillance, dispute resolution, advanced driving techniques, and conflict avoidance. Some carry a weapon, while others are adept in martial arts.

The more training and experience a bodyguard has, the better he is at dealing with difficult situations. With the increased demand for bodyguards, there is a higher need for those who are well-trained. Because their career includes a danger to their own lives, they are highly recognised in society for their work. To accomplish the work effectively, they need suitable training, which is provided by numerous training schools in India and abroad.