Tamil Noir Chronicles- 3 Riveting Crime Dramas That Grip

Tamil Noir Chronicles- 3 Riveting Crime Dramas That Grip

In this exploration, we dive into three captivating tales that capture the essence of Tamil crime movies. These three upcoming movies have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the crime drama genre. Make sure to add them to your watch list and stay on the edge:

  1. ThalaipuSeidhigal – Newsense

In Madanapalle, Shiva (played by Navdeep) and other local reporters operate from the press club, practicing journalism that is not always ethical. The town is under the influence of powerful local politicians.

Shiva, a clever journalist among them, sometimes breaks away from the usual practices by revealing some truth, even if it is not the whole story, which lands him in trouble. The series revolves around the struggle between doing what is right and staying alive, as these journalists accept money from both political parties for their cover stories.

The series consists of six episodes. It attempts to depict a harsh reality, raising questions about the role of media in society. Watch on aha and find out if these journalists ever become aware of their actions and stand up for the people.

  1. Maruthi Nagar Police Station 

Maruthi Nagar Police Station, or MNPS for short, is a Tamil crime thriller film from 2023, directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. The movie has a bunch of talented actors, including Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Arav, Santhosh Prathap, Mahat Raghavendra, and Yasar. Dayal Padmanabhan produced it under D Pictures.

The plot of Maruthi Nagar revolves around four close friends seeking revenge for their friend’s murder. Together, they try to avenge their friend’s death. Things take a surprising turn when someone else does the job for them.

The story of the movie epicentres on the death of Jaishankar, played by Mahat Raghavendra, who was an orphan. His friends, including his girlfriend Archana, played by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, were like family to him. Watch and get to new Tamil movies download on aha today!

  1. Maal

The upcoming Tamil movie Maal revolves around the trafficking of ancient idols. The story unfolds through various groups of characters, all connected by a valuable Chola idol worth million.

One group aims to sell the idol for profit but faces pressure from the police, leading them to pass the job to another gang. The police, determined to catch them, form a special task force.

However, the second gang loses the idol, creating chaos. Meanwhile, a cop stumbles upon the idol and becomes tempted to sell it for personal gain.

Unexpectedly, two young individuals manage to get hold of the idol! What happens next? Who ultimately ends up with the idol? Find out in the thrilling twists and turns of “Maal” and get to try new Tamil movies download on aha today!

Best of thrillers

These stories not only entertain but also make us think, challenging our views on justice, truth, and the role of media in society. The thrilling experiences offered by these crime dramas are just a click away on aha. So, let the mysteries of Tamil crime movies continue to capture your imagination on aharight now!