What to do When Your Pool Water is Cloudy

What to do When Your Pool Water is Cloudy

When your pool water is cloudy, do you know what to do? A pool is a beautiful thing and one of the best joys in life. Yet some pools are not as expected and end up with clouded water. The water may be slightly yellow or have a whitish film. Whether the water is cloudy due to improper filtration, lack of maintenance, or silts, it can be quite visible and turn your pool from one of the best things in life into a nightmare.

What is cloudy water?

Cloudy water occurs when there is too much of silt in the water. It’s a common problem with modern pools, and people don’t know what to do about it. Silt is often dark and may appear as a brown or yellow hue. This silt is dirt that has gotten in the pool and sits on the bottom of the pool. That’s why too much silt turns your water cloudy.

How to clear cloudy pool water

If your pool is cloudy due to too much silt, the best way to go about it is to get rid of the dirt. You could use a vacuum cleaner or a net, but these tools do not affect a power washer. If you use a power washer, no chemicals are needed, and your water will be clear in no time.

Power washing is a great way to clear up the cloudy water. You only need a power washer that has attachments for removing dirt from your pool. There are also cleaning solutions that can be used with a net or suction cleaner to clear up the water. If the pool is already dirty, there are special cleaning agents that Swimming Pool Services companies know how to use.

A suction cleaner is a great tool to use if your pool is only slightly cloudy. It helps you to get rid of the dirt and make the water clearer. A suction cleaner is different from a power washer because it does not create as much pressure.