Vivios Sleep Apnea – Disease and Diagnosis

Vivios Sleep Apnea – Disease and Diagnosis

Sleeping disorders can actually be quite horrifying, serious, and fatal, considering how the patients are unconsciously asleep while they suffer, incapable of calling out for help. Obstructive sleep apnea is one such disease as well, where the disease and its complications take place while the patient is asleep, failing to provide a proper treatment which can even lead to death. If you are a victim of this disease as well, worry no more because we have a cure for it too! You can actually completely overcome this disease with proper treatment through this life-saving procedure of Vivios. Let’s know a bit more about the condition and its potential cure for vivios sleep apnea through this article.

What exactly is Obstructive sleep apnea?

It is a diagnosis where the tissue in the throat of the patient tends to get more relaxed than usual, blocking the inhalation path for air during sleep, leading to breathing obstructions and suffocation during sleep. This condition can be lineal in some while critical for others, So,e people face difficulty in breathing once or twice while others may face the same a dozen times.

What is Vivios as a treatment?

Vivios is a treatment that makes use of some oral instruments like oral apparatuses to remodel the entire internal dental arch. And how can you avail it? Well, to get yourself treated with a Vivios procedure, you need to visit a dentist who places the instrument right to keep the loosened tissue from obstructing your breathing pipe. The process is demonstrated below.

  • The bone and the maxillofacial occlusion are reshaped over a substantial time
  • Make sure that enough room is left open for air to pass
  • A customised design for each dental cavity that is both comfortable and healthy for their oral hygiene

Do you need to be treated with Vivios?

Sleep apnea is a common condition yet many sufferers are unaware of it. But once detected, it should be treated at the earliest for the possible fatal consequences it might have. If you suffer from the following conditions, you should probably get yourself checked\. Further, the doctor can decide for you if you need it.

  • Gasping irregular while sleeping
  • Chronic snoring patterns
  • Waking up with headaches and dizziness

Hence, if you are suffering or are suspecting of probably suffering from Obstructive sleep apnea considering all the stated symptoms, you should rush to the doctor without further ado. You can, by doing so, avoid a lot of probable complications that may arise. If advised, you also might have to undergo a vivios sleep apnea procedure, which is not something you need to be afraid of. It’s a safe process and can assure you a proper cure and a better lifestyle and hence the right solution.