Yes thanks. It’s your dog asking for it Grooming?

Yes thanks. It’s your dog asking for it Grooming?

Is grooming really necessary? Is it a game or a pain for the dog? How do I recognize a truly professional groomer? These are all questions that dog owners Cat grooming Katy, TX especially beginners, often ask themselves. Let’s try to answer point by point, going to find out what grooming is and why it is so important to make our four-legged friend feel good Mobile pet grooming Katy TX.

Much more than just a shampoo

If you are thinking that grooming a dog simply means giving him a nice bath, you are wrong. Grooming is a set of basic cleaning activities , ranging from washing to brushing the coat, from cutting the hair to hygiene of the private parts, also passing through some possible therapeutic treatments, such as ozone therapy . The dog must be groomed not only for aesthetic reasons but also and above all for health reasons: it is good for him, keeps him in shape and protects him from the risk of infections or parasites. Obviously the ways in which these treatments take place and also the periodicity depend on the breed and therefore on the type of hair: the longer it is, the more it will need frequent care. On average, however, a grooming every 30-40 days is a good compromise.

home grooming

Do-it-yourself or professional dressing table?

A little to save, a little for convenience, many dog ​​owners choose DIY grooming. As long as it comes to washing and brushing there is no problem, even the home option gives good results. But since the work of a groomer does not stop there, for everything else it is better to take Fido to someone “of the trade”. And here the possibilities are two.

The first is the classic toiletry shop . By now activities of this type are very widespread, there is at least one in every district or town. Unfortunately, since it is an unregulated profession, improvised groomers are also multiplying. Recognizing a good professional, however, is possible, we have already talked about it.

The second option, on the other hand, is that of the “mobile toilet” , which has been gaining ground in recent years. In reality it is nothing more than a variant of the one in the shop only that travels … on wheels! In fact, these are fully equipped vans that cross the cities offering grooming services at home or almost.