Where to find condolence flowers in Singapore?

Where to find condolence flowers in Singapore?

When someone close to your heart departs from this world, it is never easy to deal with the grief. No one is ever prepared to give farewell to loved ones, and the pain of losing someone important is hard to swallow. During these difficult times, condolence flowers are a polite and best way to show your respect and love towards the deceased. You can express your concern and grief towards the family and show that you are there with them in unfortunate times.

Many people who struggle to express their grief verbally can express their sorrow through funeral flowers.

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What types of flowers are condolences flowers and their meaning?

Flowers are a great way to convey our feelings, and every flower has a different meaning, the same goes for funeral flowers, so we have to explain the types of condolence flowers.


Lilies are known grief flowers globally thus, the most popular funeral flowers. It represents purity and depicts the rebirth of the soul.


Carnations are often used in funeral floral arrangements as they are long-lasting. Its colors symbolize different meanings red symbolizes admiration & courage, while pink stands for remembrance of the person, and the white carnation reflects the love and innocence of one soul.


Orchids represent eternal love and are often used as sympathy flowers. Orchids are often used at funeral services in Singapore.


Mums have used in the funeral wreath and funeral floral arrangements in Singapore. It symbolizes death and grief and is often used as condolence flowers.

These are some common and popular funeral flowers to express your condolences.

Best florist in Singapore where you can find condolence flowers

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